Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fanwell and his extended family

Fanwell above with his cousins and below with his grandmother, aunt, and cousins

Fanwell's house above and his bed below

The Magoye river above and the part of town where they go to buy things below

Fanwell playing football above and playing billiards below (pretty inventive, huh?!)
Fanwell is a child that I sponsor with Mack.  We started sponsoring him after we heard of how sick he was and how he needed immediate medical attention.  He still looks ill in a lot of these photos- like he is in pain.  I hope that he will start feeling better soon!  We have paid for him to see the doctor, and we will see what the outcome of that is... Maybe he can take extra vitamin supplements. 

Anyway, he did a great job with his camera.  I like the river photo and it is cool to see what the town looks like, too.  He looks happy with his extended family, so that makes me happy =)

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