Friday, April 15, 2011

Goodbye, Diego!

Diego (in the middle) shown here with his friends has come a long way in the sponsorship program.  He was just a toddler when he entered the sponsorship program, so at 13 years old (he will turn 14 in July), he has been in the program for more than 80% of his lifetime.  You may remember his health issues that led me to ask Aura's House to add him as a project on their site.  His aunt was able to pay off her debts, and Diego was able to get many things that would improve his health. 

The fundraiser through Aura's House was a success, and it raised the family's standard of living.  Of course, that was the point of the fundraiser- we want all of our children to get out of poverty, right?!  I don't know if this is the reason, but I have a strong hunch- Diego's family has left the sponsorship area!  I hope they have moved into their own place, as the place they were staying in was not their own.  In my head (since that is all I have to go by), I imagine that they moved to a better neighborhood that is closer to Diego's school. 

While I am happy for the family, don't child departures just suck (and no, I do not want the other child they have chosen for me- bwah, bwah, bwah)!?!?!?


Neuilly said...

I'm sorry to hear that your sponsorship ended early! Obviously I hope (and assume too) that he's moved on to better things, but it's bittersweet when you're just left hanging. You've done amazing things for him though! you just not want who they sent you, or are you not wanting another sponsorship? I think their End the Wait campaign comes out in the next month (for those waiting an extra long amount of time).

Heather M said...

Well, I like to choose my kids, so yeah, I don't like being handed one. The other thing is the the MHZ program is so much more interactive (more photos, videos, letters, etc) and I can help 3 children for the price of 1 through the CI program... So, I won't be replacing my CI kids when they move on. At least in the MHZ program, I can still get a hold of the child's family and they can get letters to the child, etc... This is such a sad way- just abrupt =(

Neuilly said...

Makes sense. I had a note added to mine to not send me photos when I lose one (we'll see if it works). I also get the price difference and how that can be discouraging. Although I think with MHZ when they "move" it's more likely that they're going away to school whereas in CI they often just fully move. I like both programs, and like that I can do different things with each. But I get it! I guess...congrats on three new MHZ kids ;)