Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fundraiser #30 has now launched!!

Joyce is 12 years old from Manila, Philippines. Her father, Nelson works as a mechanic in another city, She only sees him once a year. She shares a home with her mother and two older brothers. Her mother, Marife is a homemaker. Her favorite color is orange and she likes to play volleyball and dance. She told me that when she grows up she'd like to be a business woman.

She does very well in school and was top 10 in her class. She is always smiling & looks happy in her photos. Being the only daughter, Joyce is very close to her mother. Her favorite subjects are religion and mathematics.

This fundraiser will provide Joyce with:

rubber shoes



kitchenware(dish drainer, kettle, serving bowls)



To donate, visit Joyce's fundraising page here

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Meet Dorice- My 1st Grader!

So many children sponsored through CHZ that it was my turn to sponsor another child!! Since I already have 6 boys in the program and only 1 girl, I decided to choose another girl. This is Dorice. She is in the 1st grade. I am waiting for the rest of her bio from Zambia. For now, those are the only two things I know- here name and the grade she is in. She just looks so small to be carrying a backpack!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Meet Crestetor Ng'Andu!

This is Crestetor #668. Crestetor is 9 years old and in the 1st grade. She will be celebrating her birthday on October 4th. She would like to be a teacher when she grows up, and her favorite subject is English. She lives in Manyana with her elder sister, 4 brothers and 5 sisters. Her chore is to get the water for the household from the community well, and her favorite thing to do is sweep. Crestetor's elder sister struggles to keep all 10 children in school. The expense is too much. Crestetor is in desperate need of a sponsor to allow her to keep going to school.

If you can sponsor Crestetor for only $9 a month, please click "sponsor primary student" in the upper right hand corner of the CHZ blog: Thank you for keeping this child in school!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Letter from Henry

A letter from Henry after his visit with Steve:

"Dear sponsor Mrs. McLaughlin,

How are you? We hope you and your family are well. We are well. We are doing well with the restaurant, but we hope to do better on it soon. I liked your friend's visit. We enjoyed it so much. I am happy to know that you will hear my voice. I'd like to hear yours, and I would be very happy if the next visit is yours and your children. Please say hello to Morgan and Jaden.

With love and affection,


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Leydi's Annual Update- 2010

Age: 9 Sex: F Date of Birth: 6/1/2001
Height: 4 Feet 0 Inches Weight: 56 Pounds Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Black
2. Attends School: Yes
3. Favorite School Subjects: Art, Mathematics
Favorite Pastimes: Playing with dolls
Chores at Home: Running errands
Talents or Hobbies: Dancing
Languages Spoken: Spanish

4. Approximate monthly income for the family (in U.S. Dollars): $65.00
5. Name of Father: Alberto Occupation:
(If not present, why?) Divorced
6. Name of Mother: Ociani Occupation: Homemaker
(If not present, why?) Deceased
7. Brothers and Sisters:
Name: Chaline Age: 13 Sex: F
8. Child lives with: Relatives

9. Description of Home: Two bedrooms
Construction: Walls: Concrete block Roof: Corrugated metal Floor: Concrete
Cooking Facilities: Gas Stove
Sleeping Accommodations: Beds
10. Facilities and Services:
Water Source: Community faucets
Electricity: Available
Sanitary Facility: Toilet

Dulce's Annual Update- 2010

Age: 10 Sex: F Date of Birth: 1/25/2000
Height: 4 Feet 4 Inches Weight: 58 Pounds Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Black
2. Attends School: Yes
3. Favorite School Subjects: Mathematics
Favorite Pastimes: Playing with dolls, Running
Chores at Home: Running errands, General housework
Talents or Hobbies: Drawing, Dancing, Singing
Languages Spoken: Spanish

4. Approximate monthly income for the family (in U.S. Dollars): $100.00
5. Name of Father: Victor Manuel Occupation:
(If not present, why?) Does not live at home at present
6. Name of Mother: Dulce Maria Occupation:
(If not present, why?) Deceased
7. Brothers and Sisters:

8. Child lives with: Relatives

9. Description of Home: Three Bedrooms, Dining Room, Kitchen
Construction: Walls: Concrete block Roof: Concrete Floor: Concrete
Cooking Facilities: Gas Stove
Sleeping Accommodations: Beds
10. Facilities and Services:
Water Source: Running water in home
Electricity: Available
Sanitary Facility: Toilet

DR Birthday Party x 3 Part 5

A post from Barbara:

It was hard to take photos of the pleasure that the girls apparently
got from opening their gifts as the area became crowded with on-
lookers. One annoying woman, who may have been an older relative of
Crismairy's, for some reason leaned all over Leydi and tried to check
out each gift and immediately placed them back in Crsmairy's bag until
I asked her to please let us take the photos. Dulce and Leydi were
excitedly opening and displaying each gift themselves without
interruption. Dulce obviously liked the Princess stationary set
whereas Crismairy and Leydi were more taken with the High School
sticker books and Dora piggy banks.

When they opened their Olympic Mascot T-shirts I asked them to try
them on and then hold their stuffed mascots over their heads for a
photo which they did even though mystified as to the meaning of it
all. The annoying woman was finally removed when the staff asked me
to joing the three girls for a photo. Another tip if you have a
digital camera. The children were delighted when I took a photo of
them and showed the their photos. Crismairy's little brother,
Franklin, had received a cap and funny sunglasses in his own treat bag
and now wearing both he gently asked if I could take his photo in
them. After I stopped laughing because he looked so cute I tried to
oblige but his cheeky cousin deliberately stood in front of him just
as I clicked the camera. He was about to do the same again until older
brother, Jeffrey, stepped in and the two brothers had their photo
taken together - one of the best photos of the party.

As the party wound down children began asking for the last ballons on
a stick with Franklin getting the very last one. Then a small group
surrounded the chair where a few small winner gifts remained and asked
what would happen to them. I was quite impressed by the good
behaviour of even the smallest Dominican children. Not one thing was
taken or even touched until they asked permission. I distributed the
last few things for their honesty and patience. Another thing that
struck me was that, unlike many over-excited Western children, there
were no temper tantrums, jealously of fighting amongst each other.
Quite the contrary.

All gifts distributed, admired and repacked it was now time for the
party group to get back to their individual homes. Since Leydi's
group had the furthest to travel they were the first to leave. Leydi,
happily clutching all her balloons and gifts came to give me her
heartfelt thanks and a farewell hug but her last thoughts were for
Heather for as she turned to wave goodbye she cheerily shouted.
"Please say hi to my sponsor!" She is an absolute delight always
cheerful and outgoing in spite of her illness.

Dulce was the next to also say thank you. Evidently she had been
worried that there wouldn't be any cake left to give to her relatives
so was relieved to find that the remaining cakes had been divided
amongst them to take home. Now satisfied, I asked her if she had ever
had a birthday party before and whether she had enjoyed herself. She
replied that this was her first birthday party and it was evident from
her expression that she had really enjoyed herself in spite of not
feeling well.

Gradually the festive room was stripped of balloons as each child
received one or more to take home. They began to file out each
happily clutching their balloons, treat bags and cake. The logistics
of the transport must have been a real headache for the CI staff but
as Leydi's group set off the rest waited patiently downstairs for
their own van to take them home after a very happy and enjoyable

I hope that I have been able to convey some of the joy that the
children experience and that you have enjoyed the rather long ride.
The photos will give an even better idea. On that note I would like
to thank Bernie very much for posting the photos for me. Also, many
thanks go to the wonderful CI staff, both in Kansas and Santo Domingo
without whose valuable assistance the party would not have been the
huge success that it was. And I mustn't forget the financial
assistance of many of you and, of course, Heather

Friday, June 25, 2010

DR Birthday Party x 3 Part 4

Musical chairs was the next game which was again explained to the
children who scramble to take their places in the ring of chairs.
What happened when the music began was so hilarious that it was
difficult to keep any sort of order. Little and big kids alike all
ran in different directions crashing into each other, falling over and
laughing uproariously. We adults tried to explain the rules again and
agains and in the ends just gave in to the futility. I suggested
making two separate circles for the older and younger guests to make
it more fair which was done. When the music began again all began to
run but were still slipping and falling so several decided to take off
their shoes - yet another delay in getting things really going as each
child decided when they should take off their own shoes keeping
everybody else waiting!

Finally, all were ready and the game began in earnest. I was with the
tiniest players and was laughing so hard myself at their antics that I
couldn't take any photos while the music was playing. Many of the
children still hadn't grasped the concept of the game and chaos
reigned supreme.Crismairy, who was in the older children's group was
out when she was not able to find a chair. Unperturbed, she
cheerfully ran to joing the smaller children's group - so happy that
she could still run and find a chair - any chair - even sharing it
with her tiny cousin. One little didn't even move from his chair all
the time sucking on his lollipop seemingly quite unaware of the other
children racing past him. I tried in vain to encourage him to run as
well but he ignored me and remained contentedly sucking his
lollipop. I then realized that nobody was removing the chairs from
the smaller group so began taking one away each time the music stopped
but each time I was followed by a small child who immediately plopped
themselves down triumphantly on the withdrawn chair. Chaos still
reigned but they were having so much fun it was not the time to
enforce any rules. Consequently, they just raced around and around
until a winner was announced for the older group.

It was now time for the birthday cake ceremony. Yhe three birthday
girls took their places behind the individual cakes watching curiously
as a male staff member placed and lit only 4 candles on each cake.
Why only four, when I had bought many more, is still a mystery. The
girls all looked very happy as they were congratulated and everybody
sang a version of Happy Birthday to you. One little boy bellowed out
his song with such confidence and gusto that the camera lady took a
close up shot of his effort. I can hardly wait to see who it was
being behind the group of children. Unfortunately, my camera acted up
just as the three blew out their candles so am hoping that one of the
staff managed to take one. Once the candles were blown out more
photos were taken - of the three girls together - with me - and
individually. Crismairy, always the poseur was encouraged to make
even more extravagent poses by the irrepressible Yolanda!

Returning to their tables each child was now served with a generous
helping of cake and glasses refilled. They were next presented with
their treat bags. Some opened them laying everything on the table in
front of them; while others saved their bags to open at home.
Meanwhile, I presented the three Princesses with their birthday bags
full of gifts. Since I had been unable to find the birthday cards for
Leydi and Dulce I asked Lissa if she could explain why and read out
the birthday messages from Heather as they received her gift and
letter while the video was being taken. Something to look forward to
later, Heather.

DR Birthday Party x 3 Part 3

A post by Barbara:
Let the Games Begin:- Tiny tummies filled and tiny bladders emptied
the youngest guests returned to joining the others who were already
amusing themselves by chasing each other around the large room. It
was time to restore some order and the CI staff now really came into
their own showing their expertise in organizing children in their
competent but caring manner; while I was glad to take a back seat and
just take photos of the children enjoying their new games.

In one orderly line Mona and Yolanda served the, by now, cooled drinks
Lissa and Griselda organized an obedient line of kids to teach them
how to play the new Caribbean Treasure Game. Lissa explained that each
child would be blind-folded in turn and would place a number on the
wall game. The closest to the treasure would be the winner.
Meanwhile, Griselda prepared the huge bag of candies to give out to
each participant after they had taken their turn. As each child was
blindfolded and took their turn to place their numbers the rest would
roar with laughter and excitement. The tiniest little girl was so
eager to claim her sucker that she rushed off with the mask still
tangled in her hair whilst Lissa struggled to remove it. When he was
next in line Crismairy's older brother, Jeffrey, could hardly restrain
his excitment clenching his fists in anticipations! In fact he was
apparently so intrigued by the game that, when the party was over, I
saw him taking it down from the wall to bring home with him.
Hopefully, their excitement might have been captured by the lady
wielding the video camera. As the line shortened I moved away to
prepare the fake 'winner' medals and small gifts for the winners. I
had barely finished when Yolanda bought over the winner of the game to
claim her prize. And the winner was - sweet Dulce! Earlier I had
been concerned when I noticed the staff examining her neck glands as
if they might be swollen. Somehow, in spite of not feeling well she
gamely carried on enjoying herself so I was delighted to see that she
had won the first game. She was so pleased with herself as she
received her medal and had the first choice of choosing a prize which
was a small plastic purse filled with girly things.

During a lull before the next game Dulce came up to ask what were the
cardboard Princess tiara's were. I explained that they could be
decorated with the sequins and beads with the sparkly glue provided.
The threee Princesses enjoyed their decorations - being helped by a
small entourage of girls. Others were asked to write their names in
Crismairy's small Princess party book.

DR Birthday Party x 3 Part 2

Post by Barbara regarding her trip to the Dominican Republic in which she threw ar birthday party for her sponsor child Crismairy and my two sponsor children Dulce and Leydi:

Now, the three birthday girls met each other for the first time and I
led them to their special table as the CI staff organized the rest of
the party group in their own places at the long table. During all
this action we, adults were taking numerous photos of the birthday
girls, their guest and even of each other as we became quite giddy
after all the last minute rush to get things ready. Yolanda took
great delight in acting up, taking unflattering photos of me bending
over to hug the birthday girls and pulling a birthday hat down over
my eyes, etc., In fact, we were having more fun than the subdued
children sitting demurely in their places watching our actions in
subdued amazement. They were also probably still over-awed by their
first sit-down party. They were encouraged to put on their own party
hats and the three Princesses were given their birthday tiara and boas
to wear and soon they all got into the party spirit as well. Mona
came up to ask if was happy with everything which, of course, I was
now. She added that I must be used to giving such parties every year
and did not seem to believe me when I replies that this was the first
time. The only other party I had given was for Miguel in Mexico which
was a much, smaller family affair.

After a while I asked why the snacks were not being served? The replt
was that they were waiting for the lady bringing the music and video
recorder! But, as the children were getting restive I requested that
they be served now which they were and in the midst of the kids
munching on crisps and crackers, she arrived bringing with her a large
video camera and boom-box like radio which she immediately turned on
FULL BLAST!! I soon asked it to be turned down so that we could hear
each other talk which she did - regretfully but began filming the now,
more relaxed party goers. Next their were requests from the guests
for something to drink. When I asked if that would be possible the
answer was that they were waiting for the ice to arrive which it did
after the children began leaving the table. Then, there was a further
delay while waiting for the bottles to be cooled down in the ice. It
was probably just as well that the drinks had not been served earlier
as I was soon surrounded by little people with tiny bladders needing
to use a bathroom; but, when I led them "Pied Piper like" to the
toilets it was to find them locked and the staff member with the key
was not there!! These glitches were probably caused by things not
being set up in the as yet unopended new centre with everything having
to brought in amongst all the other deliveries for the future
opening. But keeping the toilets locked during a children's birthday
party? - Manana!!,

Thursday, June 24, 2010

DR Birthday Party x 3 Part 1

A post by Barbara regarding her trip to the Dominican Republic in which she threw a party for her sponsor child Crismairy and my two sponsor children Leydi and Dulce:
The day did not start off well! Lissa had kindly offered to arrive
early in order to make a last attempt to purchase the bookcase and the
last two birthday cards but, instead, arrived 40 minutes late. It
should be kept in mind when visiting a country with Spanish roots that
a lingering 'Manana' effect still prevails. Time is very fluid in
such countries, not fixed as in most western countries; so people turn
up either early (rarely) before the appointed time but more often
later. When, I asked the reason for the delay she replied that she
had been organizing someone to bring the music and video camera.
Nothing like leaving things to the last minute! She was accompanied
by a new, but equally burly, driver who carried out the suitcase full
of birthday decorations and loot bags, the books, world globe and the
three Disney birthday bags. The chef and other hotel staff in the
lobby called out their best wishes and bon voyage as we set off.

Our first stop was at a massive and very impressive Ikea outlet. I
have never seen such an huge Ikea packed with the latest of goods and
extremely well organized. It didn't take too long to find a perfectly
sized, white bookcase for Crismairy which was soon ordered and paid
for and our driver packed it into the already full van. We were
already running late so there was no more time to look for the
birthday cards - sorry Heather but I did try hard. As it was we
arrived 15 minutes late due to the congested traffic and rushed upto
the second floor expecting to find everything set up and the children
waiting. But, to both Lissa's and my own astonishment no children had
yet arrived and the party room was empty containing only the long,
empty table and some plastic bags of party goods in one corner. It
was time to take charge so we set to and began trying to turn the
empty unwelcoming room into something more festive!

Fortunately, the driver had arrived carrying the bookcase and globe so
I asked him to bring in the smaller table from the other rooms which I
had him place (after lots of misunderstanding) at one end leaving a
space between the tables in order to be able to take close up photos
of the head table. Lissa had already unpacked the plastic bags and
discovered some colourful plastic tablecloths which we placed on the
two party tables. So, while she sorted out the rest of the party
accessories and read up the party game rules, I laid the longer table
with the birthday plates, serviettes and hats. She then taped up the
two games on the end wall and was joined by Griselda, who was Leydi's
social worker. I next noticed a beaming face with large bright eyes
peeping around the open door whom I immediately recognized as Leydi
whose curiousity had got the better of her. Since she and her party
lived the furthest away from the CI centre they had arrived first and
were patiently waiting outside in the hall before being allowed to
enter the hive of activity. After I introduced myself to Leydi and
her group as the friend of her sponsor, Heather, I returned to the
party room to find Lissa and Griselda busy blowing up the many
balloons. When, they started to feel light-headed I asked Leydi and
her group if they could help out by blowing up some other balloons on
sticks which they did with great gusto.

I then began setting the head table for the three birthday girls
placing the large Disney place mat in the centre and the three
colourful CI made placemates with the names of the girls with
Crismairy in the middle. Birthday plates, etc., were next to be added
and, finally, I placed little glass, heart-shaped photo holders with a
clip in front of each setting; but, instead of a photo I added three
tiny birthday cards. That table finished three large cakes arrived
and were placed on the head table - but how could the children eat
with a huge cake in front of them. And, since it was obvious that
there was no real concept of what I was hoping to achieve and I wanted
everything to be perfect for the three birthday girls I again took
charge of things. I felt like a circus ring-master with the CI staff
being the performers and Lissa being the star!! She was wonderful
rushing from one task to another as I cracked the whip!! I asked for
another table for the birthday cakes to be set up out of the way at
the other end of the hall together with the loot bags and other
gifts. This was soon arranged and then she helped me to tape up the
Happy Birthday Banner behind the head table. Where were the glasses?
- They soon appeared and were placed on the two tables. We need
chairs - they were produced and placed at each table. The snacks need
to be prepared - now Mona appeared, joined by Yolanda and began
helping - done! Yolanda had bought with her Crismairy and Dulce with
their small groups of guests and siblings who must have also been
waiting out in the hallway. The excitement was now palpable both
inside and outside the party room as the hectic preparations were
finalized to make the party room festive looking and ready for the

Crismairy was the first to enter the party room and she certainly made
an entrance - looking quite beautiful in her new party dress and
shoes. She was followed by her little guests and siblings. Sadly, I
learned that her mother would not be coming because she had to rush to
the hospital with baby Dailyn. Also, some other guests on the list
had not been able to attend and their places had been taken by other
guests - but they were boys!! As I was wondering how young boys would
react to the ear-rings in their treat bags Dulce and her group entered
the room. I was so relieved to see her arrive as I had worried that.
because both she and Leydi were suffering life threatening illnesses,
either one or other of them might be feeling too ill to attend the

Less than $100 Needed for Perla!!

Perla's fundraiser only needs an additional $92.87!! This family is an extremely needy family, and they will beneift greatly from the bed, stove, and clothing. Without this fundraiser, the family would likely never have enough extra funds to purchase these items. Every peso is spent on staying alive. If you can help up get this sweet girl the items she needs, please donate here:
Perla's fundraiser Thank you so much for your concern for Perla and her family!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meet Elie- My 5th Grader!

My turn to sponsor my 7th child with CHZ came up today, so I took on a 5th grader named Elie. Isn't she adorable? She is 11 years old and has a birthday on March 17th (which is, also, my uncle's birthday). She wants to be a nurse when she grows up, and her favorite thing to do in her free time is STUDY! At home, she is in charge of cooking the meals. She lives in Simwaba with her grandmother, 1 brothers and 2 sisters. I can't wait to get to know her!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And the Winner of a massage is...

Using, I plugged in the numbers and have the raffle numbers starting with the first donation being number 1 to the last donation being number 380. Here is what it came up with:

Min: 1
Max: 380
Result: 93

The winner is number 93!!! Sara S!! Congratulations!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Meet Ashes- My 6th Grader!

I actually posted a video of Ashes on this blog, so you can look back in the archives and find that. he appears to have a very sweet personality. Ashes is the oldest of my CHZ children. He is 13 years old. He lives with his parents, 3 brothers and 2 sisters in Naleza. I chose Ashes because he wants to be a pastor when he grows up. I thought that was interesting because he is the only child I saw with that kind of vision for his future. Ashes does not herd cattle but instead is in charge of cleaning the house. His favorite thing to do in his free time is play soccer, and his favorite subject is Science. I thought he looked rather young in his photo, but if you look at the video of him, he is definitely a teenager!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Meet Muntanga- My 4th Grader!

Muntanga can be counted in my group of cattle herders. He is very close in age to Edward. Muntanga and Edward were both born in 2000. Muntanga will be 10 on July 29th, so he will be getting a birthday card soon, too. He lives in Simbwaba with his father, 1 brother and 2 sisters. He loves to play soccer when he doesn't have to watch the cattle. His favorite subjects are English and Math, and he would like to be a teacher when he grows up. I love his eyes! Who could resist those eyes?!

Meet Chris- My 3rd Grader!

Here is Chris, yet another cattle herder :o) There is something about these young cattle herders that make them so completely cool. Chris is no exception. Chris will celebrate his 12th birthday on October 2nd. He lives in Hachikoko with his grandmother, 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Like Daniel, Chris' favorite pastime is studying!! He would like to be a teacher when he grows up, and his favorite subject is Math.

Meet Edward- My 2nd Grader!

My latest sponsor child is a 2nd grader. I added him to my account after sponsors were found for 42 children! How did I choose Edward from all of the 2nd graders available? Well, he shares a birthday with me! I have never sponsored a child with my birthday before, so I am pretty excited about it. He turned 10 on January 22nd, 2010. He, like Daniel, wants to be a professional driver when he grows up, so I will be sending him some cool car stickers, too! He lives in Manyana with his father, 8 brothers and 2 sisters. AND, like Daniel, he is in charge of his family's cattle. Unlike Daniel, Edward enjoys soccer and his favorite subject is math. I am sure he has a sweet personality, even though he is looking tough in this picture. LOL!

Meet Daniel- My 1st Grader!

Here is the 1st grader I chose. I chose him because I like that his chore at home is looking after the goats. What a cool chore! I wish that had been my chore growing up! Daniel is 8 years old, but his birthday is coming up on the 17th of July. He lives with his mother, 3 brothers and 2 sisters in Banji. He wants to be a professional driver when he grows up. I got him some cool car stickers this week that I will put in his birthday card. While other boys in his village enjoy playing soccer, Daniel's favorite pastime is studying!! He likes social studies the best. I will have to send him some cool books to read! Isn't he an awesome kid!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Meet Tebby- My Preschooler!

When I started getting sponsors for the Child Hope Zambia program, I was looking at the children myself. I picked out several that I was interested in, and then set up a goal for myself. The goal was to sponsor 1 child for every 7 children that other people sponsored. In addition, I decided to space the children out and have one child in each grade to begin with. I chose this little one as my ECCDE child. He will be 5 years old on September 3. He lives with his parents who are both very ill and his 3 brothers in Chikambwe. His favorite color is blue and he loves to play soccer. I just found that the lighting in the photo was perfect to bring out the total cuteness of this little 4 year old!! I HAD to sponsor him!

Franklyn's Fundraiser Complete!!

Franklyn's fundraiser has now funded!! Stay tuned for raffle results. I will post them as soon as I get them. Thank you for helping Franklyn!!

Michelle's Home Repairs Fundraiser Thank you!

Post from Heather G:

Dear Sponsor,
Hello! I want to say "Thank you very much" for the construction materials you've given us. We bought the construction materials needed for the construction of our house. Now, I have a new and nice house to live. I'm so happy!
Thank you and God bless you always!
Michelle T. Epa

Friday, June 18, 2010

Alejandra & Fabiola's IGP

Su received an update on on of our MAC fundraisers. We raised money to provide items for Alejandra and Fabiola's mother to sell out of her home. The money was raised a year ago and provided to the family. The update on this business is that their mother is no longer selling the items from her home. Instead, she is selling items in a street market!!

She has had much success in the market, and has used some of the profits to purchase more items to sell (which you can see above). In addition, she has a catalog that customers can order bedspreads from. This guarantees that the items will be sold. Awesome report!! Congratulations Alejandra and Fabiola!!

A Letter from Brayan

While I am still waiting on the special needs follow up report for the donations that Brayan and his family received, at least I am still getting his letters. Here is his latest letter:

"Dear Sponsor Heather,

The house is still not ready because the rent is expensive and we can't pay it. The business is growing little by little. On my birthday, I didn't have a party, but I had a very nice time. The dolls in the picture you sent me are very pretty and my mom liked the dolls very much. I'd like to meet you in person. See you soon!


More Food for Mwanza and Family!

Mwanza received another month's worth of food and cleaning supplies. This is really helping the family, since they are living without an adult to care for them!

Here is what Mwanza's letter says:

"Dear Mrs. McLaughlin,

I hope you and your family are fine. My siblings and I are fine. I would like to sincerely thank you for the money that you sent. We used it to buy mealie meal, cooking oil, rice, sugar, kapenta, beans, washing paste, bathing soap and other groceries. I thank you for your unfailing care and kindness. God bless you!

Yours, Mwanza"

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Reading Package Received~ Evelyn in Ecuador

A post from Sara S:
The above photos are of Evelyn, who lives in Ecuador. She wrote, "I like
to read and I will read the whole book." About starting school she wrote,
"My teacher explains the classes to us well and I understand everything so
I can get good grades and be an excellent student."

Summer Reading Package Received~ Maria in Ecuador

A post from Sarah O:
The above photos are of Maria, who lives in Ecuador. She wrote, "I am
happy and my family is happy to see that you remembered me. Let me tell
you that I am in school now. I am attending the first grade. I wish the
best in the world for you. Take care."

First iGive Check Finally Arrived!!

The efforts of all of our iGive searches and purchases have finally paid off!! The check from February activity came yesterday. The total is $51.39. I am disbursing the money into our 3 current fundraisers: $17.13 for each fundraiser!! Yay!!! Keep searching and purchasing through iGive with donations going to Make a Change. We will start getting monthly checks from now on, so this will really help our fundraisers- Especially during the slow Summer months!

MAC Fundraiser #29- Roselle

Fundraiser #29 is for Holly's sponsor child Roselle. Roselle is 9 years old from Tabaco, Philippines. She lives with her parents, older brothers & older sister. Her father Melchor earns a meager $54 a month as a farmer. Roselle likes dancing & mathematics.

With their present living condition, child's parents requested that if possible the $ 250.00 be spent to improve their house and to help the family be secured from outside disturbances.

To donate to Roselle's cause, click here